Earlier on this Wednesday.

LMFAO get it, Finn ! @keelitos_way @livelifetothedopest @taz_hi

Saw these babies on my walk outside :) #roses #beautyatitsbest
Keep Watch #Mishka
Seen in Tompkins Square :) #lovemyflowers #rose #summer
No.3 ;) #whatevertattoonyc #Thankyoucraig #sessionuno
I wanna raise pulses.
This is one of my favorite pictures with my mom. My mom has taught me how to stand on my own two feet and be independent. How to be strong and be myself around ANYONE. Not to let anyone bring me down. That’s what makes me such a powerful individual today. Thank you, Ma for being Top Beast. #Happymothersday #LaBamba
Best one yet. #Seinfeld #selftaken (at El Tren on 14th street & 6th AVE)
#HappyBirthdayBreezy !! Talented, creative, original & passionate about what he does & an inspiration to me. Creativity is courage. Love you my huuusbaaaand lmao @chrisbrownofficial
I dig it though. #Yikes
Thank you, Brooklyn #Brooklyn #art #streetshit

I’ve never been so lost in my life.

"I am trying to remember you
let you go
the same time."

- Nayyirah Waheed (via piezea)

(via thotlessxo)